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What’s it like to be trained by Michelle Bridges?

19 Feb

I’ve had this question a lot since I attended the Group Workout at the Convention Centre here in Brisbane just a couple of weekends ago run by none other that Michelle herself….Image.

My response was – it was fantastic! I was also impressed that I could burn 730 Cal (ie do a great workout!!) without any equipment. All we needed was a little bit of space (a good thing because there were 1400 people there and space was not all that available…) and our own body! Well, that and a great trainer!! She put us through our paces with lots of interval like training. Oh, and yes, she really does look as good in real life as she does on TV 😉

As the rain came down again this morning, and my 10km run plans were again put on hold (Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next…)  I decided to tackle a new challenge – the other Michelle Bridges DVD I had recently bought (a reward to myself for completing 12WBT Round 4, 2012). Project Extreme…


If you want to know what it’s like to be trained by Michelle Bridges then this is it! Too scared to get yourself out to a gym? Don’t have any training equipment? Do you have a TV and a DVD player or even a computer with a DVD player, and some sneakers? That’s all you need! In your own lounge room (or wherever you want to hide out if you are hesitant at the start) you can complete an amazing workout! This DVD is almost EXACTLY like the training session Michelle ran in Brisbane. No equipment needed. Space requirements? Maybe 2m square – you seriously don’t need much room (which is a good thing because if you’ve seen my lounge room there isn’t much space!!). By the end of the warm up I was seriously doubting my choice – I was huffing and puffing and thinking – this is just the warm up?? (Exactly what I was thinking when I attended the live training session!). But I made it to the end… and the stats:


In my lounge room I got my heart rate up to 166 beats per minute – that’s 87% of my maximum heart rate – and I did it in a 2m square space, in my lounge room, without any equipment. My average heart rate was over 75% of max for the duration of the training.

So, if you are really keen to find out what it’s like to be trained by Michelle then go get the DVD (or borrow it from me if you live close) – you’ll soon discover that she knows how to train and get your heart rate moving and muscles working hard! Or, you could just take my word for it…