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Oh no!! It’s raining! There goes the exercise plan…

18 Feb


So when I went to bed I was dreaming about attempting a 10km run in the morning. My previous record (set last Monday) was 8km and I decided that I wanted to have a go at beating it! I checked MapMyRun and knew where I needed to get to in order to do a 10km out and back trip. I was on a late start at work so had plenty of time to complete the run (in as much time as it took me). During the night I woke to the sound of rain and even then decided that should it still be raining in the morning I would still go out – after all, I wont melt! Might be nice to run in showers. So even in the middle of the night, my resolve was set! I’m going to do this!

0550 the alarm sounds and as I turn it off I realise that its still raining. Actually, its BUCKETING! Nothing like rain in Brisbane – still amazes me sometimes how much rain can fall in a small amount of time. I checked the bureau of meteorology radar and saw plenty more blue (rain) coming… oh no… what to do….

Crawl back into bed and pretend I never heard the alarm? Not likely! Hoping to postpone the run until tomorrow (when hopefully the rain has eased!), I decided to do a toning and strength day and could think of no better idea than trying out Michelle Bridge’s latest DVD…


One word? OUCH!!!  If you haven’t done this DVD I thoroughly recommend it!! I sourced it from BigW for $25. Talk about feel the burn!! What a great workout! I can tonight feel my core, and not a single crunch or sit-up could be found in this DVD! Almost 500 Calories gone! Oh, and when work called me in early (halfway through my workout) I told them I had to finish my workout before I came in…

So, today the best laid plans failed, but in their place was a new plan – here’s to a great workout despite the rain (better than staying in bed!!), and looking forward to trying my run tomorrow…. But if the rain gets in the way again, I know I have the mental strength to make a new plan – maybe Michelle’s Project Extreme would be tomorrows wet weather plan….