Well it’s not often I have to “define” myself… but if I was summing myself up it would include this:

– I’m a 30 something chick, married to a wonderful husband for almost 12 years (where did that time go!!??). I’d like to think I’m a fairly easy going, friendly (but shy) person who gets along well with pretty much everyone.

– I live in Brisbane, though was born in country South Australia. Brisbane has been home for almost 8 years now, the weather is great, the people are great and if it wasn’t for family I’d never leave… speaking of family…

– I’m blessed to have an awesome family who love me and support me always. I’ve got wonderful parents, brothers, sisters, and gorgeous nieces and nephews (not to mention the extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins etc etc)

– I’m a full time assistant nurse/orderley at a Private Hospital in Brisbane and I really enjoy it. I’m also studying full time and will complete my Bachelor of Nursing degree this year – and then hopefully can secure some work as a Registered Nurse.

– I’m a Christian and am committed to my local church

– I’m fairly active and now enjoy exercising 6 days a week – thanks to Michelle Bridges and the 12WBT.

– I’m looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey. At this point I’m 12.6kg lighter than I was 13 weeks ago – so bring on 12WBT Round 1 2013!!

Hopefully I haven’t missed anything critical…. but that’s about who I am 🙂



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