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The voices I love

5 Jun

I’ve been mulling over something since the weekend… and given I’m coming off nights and feeling pretty tired I’ve decided now is the best time to keep mulling it over… because that’s the perfectly logical thing to do… right?

I got to go home on the weekend. For what was less than 48hrs. When home I couldn’t have jammed anything more in if I tried with every waking moment accounted for, but it was worth it!

While home I was able to spend some time with my family – which was of course the reason for the quick trip.  There was the mandatory family dinner made especially important because both my sister and brother have birthdays this week. Dave’s sister and her husband were also able to drive down from the country and we appreciated being able to catch up with them. We were also able to make it to our old church – where faces are familiar, hugs are the currency and God’s truths are preached. Two of these events gave me reason to stop and pause… and I’m still doing that today.

The first was lunch with Dave’s sister Keryn and her husband Ian. Given we’ve been gone from Adelaide for almost 13 years now, we had sought advice on where to eat locally to catch up. We were given some choices depending on whether we want a light, medium or heavier lunch. After a quick discussion we chose a location and headed there. The place was full. So full in fact, that we had to go away and come back 15min later. On return we were able to get a table. As the place was full, it was also loud. I paid absolutely no attention to all the faces around me as we made our way to the table provided. That was until I heard a voice… it was a voice I recognised… my nephew Josiah.  Suddenly I found myself scanning the faces in the café, looking for the precious individual that belonged to that voice. What are the chances of picking the same lunch spot, the same time, as your brother and his family!! A quick hello, and we headed to our table, given Keryn and Ian also know my family they popped over to say a quick G’day to Peter, Mandy, Jos and Emmie.  Once our lunch party had regrouped I admit I was momentarily a little distracted. Peter and Mandy were finishing up their lunch and heading off which was probably a good thing because all I could hear was them (well mostly Peter and Jos). In a busy, crowded, noisy café. Sitting a few tables away, I could clearly hear the voices I loved. While I guarantee they were not louder than any other patrons in the café (this time 😉 ), my ear was trained to their voices, and it was almost like they were amplified above the rest.

The second was at church. Without having to turn around, I could tell you exactly where my brother was sitting. I was sitting down towards the front, and my brother (who likely was later arriving than I 😉 – just had to get that in), was sitting closer to the back and to my right. There were plenty of people surrounding me with amplified music and singing, and I had not seen where he was at the start, but… I heard his voice. Across a room full of people, with more noise than my head could handle (seriously, I had a rotten headache), I could hear him sing. Clear as the day. I could have shut out all the other noise and listened to him sing. While he sings with passion and was possibly a little louder than those around him, I know his voice. It is a voice I love.

At family dinner there were many voices I love. A few of them fairly loud (perhaps thanks to the addition of a fair whack of sugar from their favourite Auntie 😉 )…. And I have to say at some points all I could hear was noise! I found it really hard to focus. Difficult to concentrate on one voice above the others. I was surrounded by people I love and it required all of my energy to focus on whoever I was talking to at the time. There were too many voices I loved to choose from!

These instances have had my brain in overdrive since the weekend. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. In a room of strangers, it is easy to train my ear to hear those I love. In a room of those I love, it’s difficult to train my ear to the person I love and not get caught up in the noise. Given I keep returning to this thought, I decided that maybe there was something in this that I need to give more thought to. So here is where you find me, pondering the WHY of tuning in and focusing on the voices of those I love.

So often we can get caught up in the life around us. To the point it just becomes noise. It can be overwhelming. Trying to keep up with the world around me can just be exhausting! Sometimes even trying to keep up with friends I love can be tiring. If I try and keep up with what others are doing or saying… If I listen to their criticism… If I try and compare myself to others… If I put my worth, time and energy into areas that are just full of noise, I find myself struggling.

But what about if try not to let the noises of the world get to me, but rather seek to listen to the voices of those I love. I want the voices of those I love to rise above the voices of the world. The voices I love also love me, encourage me, support me, guide me, and even correct me when I need it!

I’m also reminded that there is one voice I need to listen to more often, a voice that I need to always rise above the rest. A voice that always speaks truth and reminds me to never be afraid. A voice that belongs to one who would give up His life to save mine – who DID give up His life to save mine. That voice belongs to one who, though I don’t deserve it… and cannot earn it… loves me unconditionally. One who would leave the 99 to seek out one who is lost – because He wants all to know His love.

Just as my ear is trained to listen to that of my brother and nephew to the point I can hear it clearly over the din of a crowded café…. I can continue to train my ear to hear my heavenly Father over the noise of life. It’s something I have been reminded that I need to work on.