69 years young, Vale Uncle Brian

28 Dec

IMG_7418I don’t have a single memory of you that doesn’t bring a smile to my face… from trips to your farm (which was somehow always way more exciting than our farm), beach caravan holidays (where you tried unsuccessfully to teach me to fish) and just the regular family get together. As we all got older and we moved to Brisbane the catch up’s became a whole lot less frequent. However, I’m thankful for the dinner we shared in Brisbane, and for the last time I saw you, at Mum and Dad’s. I was hoping to see you when I got home this Christmas, but it was not to be. Instead, I will be honoured to attend your funeral where we will celebrate a life well lived, and a man who won’t be forgotten.

Visits to your farm were always the best. When I knew I was headed there, the excitement was always very real. They were opportunities to chase rabbits late at night, hang out in the shearing shed, ride on a motorbike or a go kart, play some backyard cricket, or just sit in the family room watching the footy (your beloved Demons) or the cricket. Memories such as these always have a bit of food around too – because life is shared around food… though I’m not sure that you really shared if there were cashews involved… Of course these memories include not only you, but also your family. They’re a credit to you – they got their characteristics from the best, so how could they not be!

You were always such a character – someone who was just good fun to be around. I loved being wrapped up in one of your hugs. You were quick to smile, and just as quick to throw in a joke. Gosh, I even remember you smiling when you were doing hand therapy – working to rehab your hand after you decided that the header belt needed some of your fingers more than you did…

As every farmer does, you worked hard; not just at your place, but also to help a mate. You served your community in many ways, including volunteer firefighting and at the footy. I remember one Christmas in particular where storms were starting spot fires all over the district – you and Dad were out in it, endeavouring to help keep everyone safe. You wouldn’t have been anywhere else – if you were needed, you were there.

The last time we caught up, you thanked me over and over again for being a nurse. You’d recently had a hospital stay and you just couldn’t stop telling me how grateful you were to the nursing staff for all that they did. I’m pleased you had good care. I know I would have been honoured to look after you. Cancer is a rotten disease – an unwelcome guest in too many families. I’m sorry it’s impacted ours.

I’m thankful that recently you discovered that the God who created the world loves you intimately. So praise God you’ve now made heaven your home.  Say hi to Fred and Betty for us – but try not to tease them too much 😉 I’m thankful that I’ll see you again one day.

Uncle Brian, our family has been so very blessed by you. Thank you for loving us all well. Thank you for the laughs and the joy. Thank you for the memories – and right now for the tears – they demonstrate that you were indeed such a wonderful, loved, man. My heart goes out to Dawn, Kerri, Tim, Tessa, Abbey, Mark, Liz, Mila, Kate, Steve, Hunter and Yasmin; Mum, Dad and my brothers and sisters, and also my wider family, my Aunts, Uncles and cousins. There were also so many who called Uncle Brian a friend – some of those who have been mates longer than I’ve been alive. We’re all going to miss you Uncle Brian. Our loss is indeed heaven’s gain.

Until we meet again xo

Brian “Ajax” Murray Maidment

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