One week to go…

23 Oct

This time next week I hope to be sitting on a couch, with my feet up, having completed my third Noosa Triathlon… So what does this mean? It means a few things…

  • It’s taper week… the week where the training is dialled back a little to leave me feeling a little bit fresh come race day
  • It’s time to google the extended Noosa forecast… at least twice a day… to see what conditions I might be racing in… not that there is a single thing I can control about this…
  • It’s testing the bike out after its race service and clean – it’s all sparkly and smooth (thanks Swim Ride Run Faster!)
  • It’s packing and repacking… competing in an event that contains three disciplines seems to require a fair amount of “stuff”
  • It’s focusing on nutrition and getting good rest
  • It’s trying to stay healthy – away from bugs that have plagued me most of the winter (FYI I reckon I’m feeling about 95% now – soooo much better than I’ve been so I pray it stays the same for the next week!!)
  • It’s listening to my coach, trusting her experience in the sport and her confidence in me
  • It’s focusing on my goal – which is to beat my best time (set two years ago after a disappointing year last year)…. So watch out 3:36 – I’m coming for you!
  • It’s thinking about those who have been touched by the big “C” – family members, friends, patients, friends of friends… I’m stoked that my Noosa triathlon is about more than just finishing a race, but it’s also been a fundraiser for cancer through Smiling for Smiddy

So this time next week… and if the other weeks are anything to go by, this week will most likely fly past… so keep your eyes peeled for the race recap in about a week’s time, after I make my way through a 1500m swim, a 40km cycle and a 10km run….




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