Bridge to Brisbane 2016 – 5km

28 Aug

A few months ago, over a slice of cake, three work buddies flippantly discussed the idea of doing a fun run together… today we were able to do just that, and it lived up to its name in every sense. We had a blast!

Brisbane put on a spectacular day for the 20th anniversary of the Bridge to Brisbane. The morning was on the cool side (9 degrees Celsius) but the crystal clear blue sky, coupled with a little bit of movement, meant that the temperature wasn’t an issue.  The 10km start was only a short 1.5km walk from home, but we had agreed to do the 5km run, so I had to add a few kilometres onto the start of my journey and decided to walk to the start line (which, as it turns out, was 8km from home…not the most direct route though!).

I left home early, meandered my way into town and watched some super speedy 10km finishers cross the line at Southbank (all the sub 1hr people – I could hardly register their faces as they sprinted to the line!).  We had agreed to meet at 8am, and walk around to our start line.  This turned out to be PLENTY of time for our 9.15am start, so we sat and soaked up the sun and just got to spend some time together outside of work – what a blessing!

As 9.15 approached we made our way to the start line.  The atmosphere at these events is always wonderful and today was no different.  The buzz of excitement was a little contagious.  The event route had changed this year so it was new for everyone, the 5km run started beneath the Story Bridge, ran up the side of the Bridge, over the Bridge (and then back), across the top of Kangaroo Point Cliffs, down Vulture Street passed our work, and into Southbank. The route was wonderful – a little undulating at times, but the views were fantastic.

We were slightly delayed to start, but then with a 10 second countdown and confetti guns going off, we were on our way.  Eloise, Shanya and I set off – all uphill to start with.  As we crossed the Story Bridge we applauded the speedy front runners already coming back, and made our way to the first turn around. Here we were able to dance and sing along to the music (Hey hey baby (ooh ah), I wanna know if you’ll be my girl, Hey hey baby (ooh ah)) in company with the Police and SES who were at this point providing road blocks… and joining the entertainment. As we headed back we remembered where the photographer was sitting, and tried our best to look amazing as we passed on by…pick the feet and the knees up!!

As we crossed along top of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Shanya and I realised that we were already halfway there…. so different to doing a half marathon, this was going to be over before we knew it!  We were cheered on here by inflatable people and bubble machines before turning to run past work and into Southbank.  As we passed work we again made sure we looked our finest (just in case anyone happened to be looking out of the windows at that time to see us). Throughout the 5km we did a mixture of running and fast walking – 5km straight running was not something all of us had achieved before, so it was a constant check in to see everyone was managing okay, and when we needed to switch to a fast walk (and Eloise, I think your fast walk is faster than many runners!). We made the most of all the downhills (Shanya may have been known to comment that she felt like she was rolling down the hill uncontrollably on one of the more significant slopes). With Shanya as our photographer we were able to get happy snaps at various points during the run… running ahead or behind her depending on what the situation called for (including me flying like a bird….) Anyway… from the crest of the Vulture Street hill it was pretty much all downhill for the last kilometre… We found some more event photographers so we made sure we looked like we were having fun (which wasn’t difficult because we actually were!).

As the finish line appeared Shanya and Eloise found a pace to rival Usain Bolt as together we all headed for the finish line, crossing with style – actually I believe Eloise had so much energy left at the end she jumped across the finish line! Sub 40 minutes for our 5km. After deciding the queue for oranges and water was way too long, we found a nice patch of grass that wasn’t too populated, did a few stretches, had a bit more of a chat and formed a plan – to find the best ice-cream shop – which we definitely did… although we then had to go for a little bit more of a walk because the ice-cream was a little filling…

All in all, I put today’s Bridge to Brisbane down as a massive success. We had a blast, laughed a lot, and generally enjoyed being well enough to get out in the beautiful Brisbane weather and enjoy a morning of activity with about 8,000 of our closest friends (19,000 did the 10km run)…

From here training kicks up a gear again in preparation for triathlon season – so event wraps from now on are likely to be triathlons rather than “just” running… I can’t wait to get out there and set down some new personal bests this year – so stay tuned!

the girls


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