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Preparing for the 2015 Noosa Triathlon

7 Sep

Hello friends

Today’s blog is all about my Noosa Triathlon preparation. I wanted to update all my financial supporters on my progress and preparation towards the big day.

Firstly – I’ve made my fundraising goal! Thank you! To those who have got behind me and offered a few dollars to goalsupport ongoing cancer research at the Mater – it is so greatly appreciated. My place in the Noosa Triathlon squad is now confirmed and I can focus on continuing to prepare myself physically (and mentally!) for the event.  As a team this year we are looking at raising in excess of $150,000.  I don’t know how we are faring in regards to this total, but I know your support is contributing to achieving this goal.  To be clear, as a competitor I am still required to pay full entry fees,
accommodation etc for the event, I’m simply deciding to make my triathlon a bit bigger than just a race, by raising money at the same time (although I do get a Smiling for Smiddy trisuit to wear on the day – which ensures I get extra cheers along the way – that was a real boost last year!).

Smiling for Smiddy foundation was created in honour of Adam Smiddy – a talented triathlete and physiotherapist who tragically lost his life in 2006, aged just 26, to an aggressive melanoma. This year Adam’s Mum Maria (and avid Smiddy supporter) also lost her life to an aggressive cancer (pancreatic). Chances are, you too know someone who has seen how devastating cancer can be. So, it is my goal, as part of the Smiling for Smiddy Noosa Triathlon team in 2015, to continue to raise funds for Mater cancer research and support. As a nurse at the Mater, I frequently see patients impacted by cancer – early in their treatment, and late when treatment options are no longer available. It is for this reason that I will continue to support organisations such as Smiling for Smiddy, to ensure that research into this disease continues, and more treatment options are available. While my fundraising goal has been met – should you be in a position financially to make a tax deductible donation to this cause, please feel free to follow the link at the bottom of this page.s4s

So how’s the training going? Well… working 12hour days makes it extremely difficult to add training into the mix (although I like to think that a 12hr nursing shift has a degree of exercise included in it…!!). So, on days off, I’m trying to make up for it.  I’ve discovered a wide variety of new paths, routes and areas to explore in around our new home. It is a joy to me to be able to run and walk around the beautiful city of Brisbane – as this is now quite close to my home.  I’ve found bike routes to explore which take me around Brisbane’s “River Loop” or out towards the Brisbane Airport (all the while trying to avoid any sign of swooping magpies!).  I’m being forced to improve my cardiovascular fitness as there are so many hills around our place (in fact we live on a hill that has a 12% gradient….).  The local 25m heated lap pool is now only a 500m walk from my house. I’m getting out there, exploring, and working on my fitness all at the same time!  It does, however, leave little time for anything else – factoring in 2-3hrs of training on my days off seems to absorb a majority of my time… and while sometimes after a night shift, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck (twice!), it is still good to get out in the open air, or in the pool and wear myself out a little further…

I previously would have said the swim leg is going to be my hardest (and it may still be if they do an ocean swim this year – which is rumoured) – but I’m finding the bike and run legs are needing a bit of extra focus. I’ve found a couple of training partners to help push me along and I greatly appreciate any opportunity I can get to meet up with them, and their support (thanks Dave, Kim, Sin Hok). My goal remains to improve on my time from last year (3hrs 36 min) and I’ll be doing all I can to achieve that.  I have the added bonus this year of a slightly larger cheer squad as Mum and Dad fly up to spend the weekend with us. So I’ll have to try extra hard!

So – as Noosa approaches, in a little under 8 weeks…. Know that I’ll be out there training, doing my best to ensure that I finish again this year – and in the process, raise some much needed funds to move towards a cancer free world. I’ll be thinking of you – and of those who I have cared for and known with cancer. Each stroke, pedal or step, as the going gets tough, I will remember it is for you that I do this – and that I am blessed to be able to have the health to participate.

Should you wish to support me, here is the link:

noosa triathlon