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Cancer… Motor Neurone Disease…

16 Feb

For anyone who has faced the reality of these two diseases (and so many others) these words give rise to a variety of emotions… sometimes memories of family or friends no longer alive, or concern for yourself, family or friends currently living with these diagnoses, or maybe joy as the diseases have been beaten by treatment (or a miracle!). For those who have not been personally affected by either they may just be words on a page and it may be easy to just read them and them not have any effect on you at all.

Every day when I go to work I’m faced with the reality of disease and the human body. It would be so very easy to become overwhelmed by disease, after all as a nurse I rarely see healthy people. Cancers of every kind seem to be rampant… brain, renal, breast, oesophageal, bowel (and that was just last week!). There are times when I have to remind myself that there are healthy people alive and that not everyone has to live with a life limiting illnesses.

Besides care for these patients when they need it, I’ve discovered there are a couple of things I can do. This helps me focus on positives. It helps me to feel like I can make a difference (and the physical exercise I do is also a great stress reliever!). There are a couple of organisations that I choose to support. Mostly, I choose to support these organisations by doing physical events. There are a couple of reasons for this –

  • I see people with these diseases – I see them when they are not at their best. When they are wishing that it didn’t take so much energy to just walk to the bathroom… or they are dreaming of getting back outside to participate in life… so often I hear that their illness has come out of nowhere – they were healthy and with an incidental finding everything changes. At this point a physical challenge is a dream…
  • I find it useful to have goals to work to, to challenge myself physically and to meet and exceed those goals. When I’m participating in events and I’m struggling, I think of those who I’m doing this for. I also in part feel that as someone who doesn’t have any significant illness, that I should make the most of the body I have been given (even though it is far from perfect) – on behalf of those who wish they could.

So, you might see me posting about various events in the coming months. Generally these events are for Motor Neurone Disease or Cancer (through Smiling for Smiddy)… mainly because these two diseases are particularly close to my heart. I firmly believe that there are extremely clever people researching these diseases… working on cures… looking into treatments… I want to offer these people my support – and sometimes I’ll ask you to consider supporting them too. I understand that not everyone has the financial resources or ability to support these organisations and I don’t want you to feel pressured by my posts in any way (please just see it and scroll on past – don’t give it a second thought). However, if you have the means and inclination to combine your efforts with mine to raise a little money for research and treatment then please consider a tax deductible donation. It doesn’t need to be big – many people contributing $5 quickly adds up! Together, maybe we can see change in our lifetimes…treatments…cures…

So I guess the purpose of this blog is to just give you a bit of background on why you see me fundraising (because I dislike asking others for money!). I just wanted you to know the reason why I chose to do this in the hope that having an understanding of this will mean you have a bit of patience for me when I put up fundraising posts (but I’ll try not to do it too often).

So here are two events I’m going to be participating in (with links for tax deductible donations if you have the means and are so inclined).

Muscle up for MND (Motor Neurone Disease) – so far I have a team of 13 MNDandmeparticipating in this event. If you’re in Brisbane, please feel free to join us on Saturday March 7th, 2015. For a tax deductible donation of $20 you can run out onto the Gabba, attempt to break a world record (for the most number of people simultaneously participating in a personal training session), have a great time and raise money for people living with this disease. If you are interstate or not able to participate, but want to make a donation, then a link to our team fundraising page is here:
(Alternatively you can go to the national body for Motor Neurone Disease and directly donate funds there. The ice bucket challenge last year raised approximately $3 million – and has meant that there are currently new opportunities and research grants available to focus more on this disease (for which there is currently no treatment or cure). Here is their website:

Smiling for Smiddy – Noosa Triathlon 1st November 2015 – Again this year I am participating in the Noosa Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km cycle, 10km run). Last year I completed my first Noosa Tri in a time of 3hrs 36 mins… so now I have a time to beat… and I’ll be raising money for cancer research in the process. Last year our combined efforts raised in the order of $150,000! I will be offering photography services again this year (need smiddya family photo taken… for a tax deductible donation of $100 I’ll take your photos and give you a CD full of memories). But if you’d rather just give a one off donation then please click on the following link, it will take you to my fundraising page: