My brother is awesome

4 Oct

As you are no doubt aware in October last year my younger brother Peter was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Just like that he was told he had no future to look forward to and should consider resigning from work and ticking a few things off his bucket list. Peter was not interested in this suggestion.

In May this year, as Peter took my place in a ride to raise money for MND, the support from his employer and his workmates was phenomenal. As I wrote emails to thank these people I had never met for their generosity, one thing became very evident. My brother was, and is, a valued member of staff. He was consistently described as a charismatic leader, colleague and friend and those who work with him were willing to support him in any way they could.

Last night, Peter took out the title of South Australian Manager of the Year (run by the Australian Institute of Management). To win this category Peter had to demonstrate:

  • The ability to manage complex tasks, people, processes and the macro-environment
  • Recognition by their organisation, board, staff or other stakeholders as showing excellence in management and leadership
  • Effective communication of their organisation’s goals and vision to all stakeholders
  • A commitment to mentoring or other leadership activities
  • Demonstrated performance to budget

The Manager of the Year category is not only for CEOs or high profile executives but is aimed at those who have made management their profession – who have had an extraordinary impact on their organisation’s financial success through forward thinking strategies.

I have always known my brother was awesome – and so it seems do a few others. Congratulations Peter. We’re super proud of you. Here’s to another 40 years of successful employment (the retirement age will be 70 by the time you’re ready to retire!)!!


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