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Running Goal 2 – SMASHED!

14 May

Well for those who have been following my goals, I can report I can cross another one off my list. The 2013 Mothers’ Day Classic 8km run is now a distant memory… okay that might be a slight exaggeration…


Ready, set, go!

On Saturday I arrived home from my time away in Roma (which, by the way, was absolutely FANTASTIC). After 7 hours in transit I was ready to stretch my legs and looking forward to getting out on Sunday morning and giving the 8km a red hot go.


I can see a rainbow – they really are a beautiful sight!

A miserable morning greeted us when we woke on Sunday morning – I thought this was Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next… Ah well, what’s a bit of rain… As we arrived in South Brisbane there was a beautiful rainbow – I was hoping that meant the rain was going to clear for the race – and it did!


Ready to run!

We wandered around at Southbank looking for where we actually had to start from – got a little confused by finally found the back of the queue.  0800hours and the horn sounded. As seems to be the case with all the fun run’s I’ve done (sample size of two…) it was pretty congested getting out and there were times during the race we struggled to move through narrow lanes and lots of people (15,000 I believe!). Generally Dave managed to keep a tiny bit ahead of me (and then when I got stuck behind someone he kept going I had to run faster to catch up to him!!). He set a cracking pace at the start and we were surprised one km in how fast it had started out (even given the congestion) 6km first minute. Not bad – happy with that!

It’s nice to see all the km markers and know how you’re going. I enjoyed overtaking people – and I’m sure people overtook me, but if I’m honest I didn’t notice them – I was just happy with the pace I was setting (or Dave was setting…) and was amazed that I was still running.

As we hit the last km and I knew there wasn’t far to go, I wanted to go a bit harder, however I really didn’t have too much more to give. My pace may have increased a little, but I can categorically say I wasn’t sprinting to the finish!

So official results are 49:33 (Average pace 9.7km per hour). A new PB. While Dave was ahead of me and keeping me on pace I actually finished 1 second ahead of him! HA! I ran with an average heart rate of 92% of my max and maximum heart rate of 97% (about 184bpm). Most importantly, I ran the whole way – who would have thought that would even have been possible just a few months ago! Thanks 12WBT!

Next goal is the Brisbane City2South – 14km on June 16th – stay tuned, I’m going to achieve that too – run the whole way is my goal!


This is what the olympians do right? Kiss their medal? 🙂


Finished! 8km – check!


Official results

Michelle Bridge’s – 24 weeks (2 rounds) and here are the results…

1 May

So, as I come to the conclusion of my second round of Michelle Bridge’s 12WBT, I’m reflecting on the last 6 months. I’ve come a long way. I still have bad days, and I still can’t walk away from a bag of chocolate (I’ve learnt just to not have the bag of chocolate near me if at all possible), but I’ve come so far. If you’re a statistics person, here are mine:

  • Lost 17.2kg
  • Have shrunk by 81.5cm (not my height but lost from everywhere else)
  • 1km time trial – starting 8:00 finishing 4:52 (cracked the 5 minute mark!!!)
  • Push-ups – from 14 in a minute to 38 in a minute
  • I can hold a wall sit for 2:06 (was 15 seconds when I started)
  • I can plank for 2:12

So what does all this mean?

Well, here are a few thoughts:

  • I’ve lowered my risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic illness
  • My BMI has gone from obese to overweight – to only 1kg from making it into the “healthy” range
  • I can walk up a flight of stairs without feeling breathless at all – I can even do more than one flight 🙂
  • I’ve got energy – I’m not tired all the time!
  • I can participate in fun runs – and you know what – they really are fun!!

So where to from here?

Well, I’m not doing another round of 12WBT – I’ve got all the tools I need to keep going and lose another couple of kilo’s and maintain this – for life! So I’m just going to keep incorporating healthy, tasty food (and the occasional unhealthy tasty food – can’t be perfect all the time but 99% of the time is my aim), and exercise and I’m going to stay healthy now that I’ve worked so hard to get here – and it feels good!

Stay tuned for my next training goals and subsequent achievements (hey – you’ve got to think positive):

  • 14km Brisbane to South on June 16th
  • Half marathon (yep you heard it here first 21.1km!!) in August (date not yet confirmed)

I’m going to do it – you’ll see the photos and read about it here. I’m starting my training for the half marathon on Monday 13th May (and running the 14km in the middle of it!) – I’m committed. I will do it!

The last thoughts – I’d encourage everyone to get out there and have a go. If I can do it, you can do it! All it takes is a little time and a little commitment and you’ll see the results. But more than that you’ll FEEL the results! I feel good about myself.  My excuse was I never had time – but if I can work full time, study full time, and still find time to do it, I think you can too 🙂