24 hours in Sydney – Plenty of time for a new PB!

25 Feb

Dave came home from his big trip overseas ready to turn around and head for Sydney less than 12 hours later. So, a few weeks ago we decided that I would join him – that way I would get the chance to at least see him before uni started again and life got super busy.

The trip was only 24 hours, literally down one afternoon, and back the next. We didn’t need to pack much. But as we started packing Dave planted the thought that perhaps I should take my exercise clothes – you never know, I might want to go for a run… Now, Sunday is traditionally my day of rest so I hadn’t really thought about it. But after a short consideration – about 10 seconds I decided to put them in – you never know, maybe I Would like to go for a run. A quick check of the weather showed it was bad Sydney – lots of rain but was due to be clearing on Sunday – the run was now looking almost possible…

Arrived at the Airport to find our flight had been cancelled… not a good start. It was 2pm and our flight was due to leave at 3… only there was no flight… The one good thing about Dave’s large amount of travel recently is his Gold membership status… The Virgin Australia staff member advised us we could catch the 1.30 flight as it hadn’t left yet and wasn’t due to leave until about 2.30 (so we would just have to go to the gate – no seats together of course but we were happy to be getting on a plane!). We headed for Sydney at our previous departure time (quite happy given our flight for the same time was cancelled – others around who were leaving 2 hours late didn’t seem quite as happy – all about perspective 😉 ) – the reason for the delay and cancellations was Sydney was only using one of their three runways due to the weather… However it was a remarkably smooth flight!

Anyway – back to the most important thing. Sunday morning dawned – clear! Pretty sticky outside, and very overcast but no rain to be seen! So I got up, got ready loaded MapMyRun and set off. I was staying at Darling Harbour so there is a nice running/cycling path that takes you around to Circular Quay – 3.2km – so 6.4 return, yep I could do that! As I set off I had a head wind – not a great start but I kept going. I saw the Harbour Bridge, then under the Harbour Bridge, around through the Rocks and to Circular Quay where the Queen Victoria was moored – now that is one BIG SHIP! I kept going because I wasn’t really sure where the 3.2km mark was… where in Circular Quay did I have to get to in order to have “made it”. I decided the Manly ferry terminal was it. However, when I got to the ferry terminal I thought, “the Opera House is just around that corner – wouldn’t it be cool if I said I ran to the Opera House and back” – so I decided what the heck, let’s do it! So I made it to the Opera House, checked MapMyRun and it showed 4.4 km. Sweet! Return that’s 8.8km! That would be a new PB! So I turned around and headed for home! As I was running home I started to think – 8.8km – well, if I can go 8.8km I could probably go for my big aim (my 12 week aim!!) 10km. It’s not that much further… So when I made it back to Darling Harbour I kept going – the sign said Darling Harbour 600m so I thought that if I did that and back I’d almost get to my 10km! I kept going – I was getting tired but just put one foot in front of another. I then hit a hurdle – Chinese New Year Celebrations on Darling Harbour – Dragon Boat racing – there were people everywhere!! So, I turned around. I checked MapMyRun – I still had 400m to go!! I wanted to stop – my brain was telling me I had to stop… who would know – I wasn’t running fast, walking now wouldn’t alter my stats all that much…. But in the end my new found will power won out. I ran past my turn off again – 200m further on and then turned around and ran back again. When I finished I checked MapMyRun – 10.4km!! (either I didn’t read it properly when I had 400m to go, or my brain really wasn’t working by that point I was so tired…). But what a feeling!! I did it!! Took a celebratory photo (to go along with the photos I took along the route – to prove I’d been there… if the GPS tracking on MapMyRun wasn’t enough ;).  SOOOOOOOO Pleased with myself! Here we are heading into week 3 of 12WBT and I’ve reached my 12 week goal!!! Just 14 weeks ago I couldn’t run 1km… and now I’ve done 10km! It took me 1:15 and other than stopping very briefly to get evidence photos (I was running again while they were saving…) I did it all! The last 6km I didn’t stop at all!  So 24 hours in Sydney and I saw the main sights – by pounding the pavement! One very happy individual!


One Response to “24 hours in Sydney – Plenty of time for a new PB!”

  1. Ruth February 25, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    Hmmm, so back to running in Brisbane without quite the same spectacular sights, and probably needing a snorkel with all the rain you have been getting???? Send some rain to Adelaide. Great effort with your running Jen. I could give you Hodgys email address if you are interested 🙂 . I am STILL having knee issues and still haven’t got my new bike ): so swimming is my most efficient calorie burner at present. Bet you were pleased you took your running gear to Sydney.

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