And so it begins…

17 Feb

…or perhaps that should read and so it continues – but now as a blog…

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I’ve started another one. Michelle’s 12WBT challenge of the week is to start a blog to inspire others and record our journey. But before I get into that, perhaps I should start at the beginning…

Just 14 weeks ago a good friend told me she was starting 12WBT. Not having any idea what that was I asked her to please explain. What I found out was Michelle Bridges had an online program to whip people into shape. Given she was taking the plunge and starting after consideration I decided to join her. At 97.2kg I had plenty of weight to lose (and had tried many other programs previously). It had been recommended to me by both specialists and a GP to lose weight. It took about a year to get myself in the head space that I did indeed need to lose weight. While I wasn’t happy with my clothes size I really didn’t feel that my weight was holding me back. I have a physical job, walking about 10km a day and my body was always able to keep up. However, seeing this opportunity, I jumped in with both feet and decided to commit to 12WBT Round 4, 2012.

The results? Too many to name but lets start with a few:

– Lost 11.8kg

– Lost 57cm from all over my body

– Went from not being able to run 100m to running 5km (three times a week!)

– Able to do a full sit up and a pushup (on my toes)

But perhaps the biggest thing for me for now is the energy I have found. I’ve never felt better. I’m loving the fresh, tasty, healthy food. I’m enjoying getting out there and exercising – I love the feeling of doing something good for myself and I feel strong and determined.




The above photo was me after the 12WBT Group Finale workout – 730 Cal in an hour… The second is just an example of the fresh, tasty food on the program.


Well, I decided to undertake 12WBT Round 1, 2013. Not because I felt that I needed any more tools specifically to keep losing weight and staying fit but to keep me accountable. I’m about to go back start what will be my final year of a nursing degree, whilst working full time. Life gets busy. But I want to make sure I keep making time for the important things – and I know that the energy I feel now is so much more than just 3 months ago. If I keep at it, I’ll be better able to use the time I do have and have more energy to get on with life.I’m making a commitment to keep ensuring that exercise is part of my day, working on the theory best summed up below:


In addition, I’ve set my goals for this round and now I know I can run 5km I want to run 10km. I’ve signed up for three fun runs (never thought that would happen), a 5km, 8km and then 10km run. I can’t wait to do my first in a few weeks time – I’ll be sure to blog about that!

So stay tuned – here is where I will try and write about my experiences, how I feel and life as it happens.

And the final word – thanks Kelli – I am so thankful you told me about this program – I feel so much better than I ever thought possible

3 Responses to “And so it begins…”

  1. Ruth February 17, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    Yes Jennifer and the changes I have seen in you are amazing. They are what motivated both myself and your Auntie Joy to sign up for this round as well. Observing your motivation and dedication to this program in the three weeks we had together at Christmas time was an eye opener. Thanks to you, and the motivation it has given me, I am now part of the program and already 2kg. lighter. I had probably not raised more than a walk in the best part of twenty years and found myself able to jog reasonable distances after only a couple of weeks of walking. Nw if I can just get my calf muscle and knee to behave I will be able to resume jogging. Until then I just burn the calories off at walking pace, but burning them off I am!
    Thanks Jen, you are an inspiration.

  2. Kelli Palmer February 22, 2013 at 8:03 am #

    Jen you had done very well and I know you will continue to reach your goals. I may have asked you to join me in the 12WBT but you were the one that encouraged and challenged me through the 12 weeks. Well done!!!

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