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24 hours in Sydney – Plenty of time for a new PB!

25 Feb

Dave came home from his big trip overseas ready to turn around and head for Sydney less than 12 hours later. So, a few weeks ago we decided that I would join him – that way I would get the chance to at least see him before uni started again and life got super busy.

The trip was only 24 hours, literally down one afternoon, and back the next. We didn’t need to pack much. But as we started packing Dave planted the thought that perhaps I should take my exercise clothes – you never know, I might want to go for a run… Now, Sunday is traditionally my day of rest so I hadn’t really thought about it. But after a short consideration – about 10 seconds I decided to put them in – you never know, maybe I Would like to go for a run. A quick check of the weather showed it was bad Sydney – lots of rain but was due to be clearing on Sunday – the run was now looking almost possible…

Arrived at the Airport to find our flight had been cancelled… not a good start. It was 2pm and our flight was due to leave at 3… only there was no flight… The one good thing about Dave’s large amount of travel recently is his Gold membership status… The Virgin Australia staff member advised us we could catch the 1.30 flight as it hadn’t left yet and wasn’t due to leave until about 2.30 (so we would just have to go to the gate – no seats together of course but we were happy to be getting on a plane!). We headed for Sydney at our previous departure time (quite happy given our flight for the same time was cancelled – others around who were leaving 2 hours late didn’t seem quite as happy – all about perspective 😉 ) – the reason for the delay and cancellations was Sydney was only using one of their three runways due to the weather… However it was a remarkably smooth flight!

Anyway – back to the most important thing. Sunday morning dawned – clear! Pretty sticky outside, and very overcast but no rain to be seen! So I got up, got ready loaded MapMyRun and set off. I was staying at Darling Harbour so there is a nice running/cycling path that takes you around to Circular Quay – 3.2km – so 6.4 return, yep I could do that! As I set off I had a head wind – not a great start but I kept going. I saw the Harbour Bridge, then under the Harbour Bridge, around through the Rocks and to Circular Quay where the Queen Victoria was moored – now that is one BIG SHIP! I kept going because I wasn’t really sure where the 3.2km mark was… where in Circular Quay did I have to get to in order to have “made it”. I decided the Manly ferry terminal was it. However, when I got to the ferry terminal I thought, “the Opera House is just around that corner – wouldn’t it be cool if I said I ran to the Opera House and back” – so I decided what the heck, let’s do it! So I made it to the Opera House, checked MapMyRun and it showed 4.4 km. Sweet! Return that’s 8.8km! That would be a new PB! So I turned around and headed for home! As I was running home I started to think – 8.8km – well, if I can go 8.8km I could probably go for my big aim (my 12 week aim!!) 10km. It’s not that much further… So when I made it back to Darling Harbour I kept going – the sign said Darling Harbour 600m so I thought that if I did that and back I’d almost get to my 10km! I kept going – I was getting tired but just put one foot in front of another. I then hit a hurdle – Chinese New Year Celebrations on Darling Harbour – Dragon Boat racing – there were people everywhere!! So, I turned around. I checked MapMyRun – I still had 400m to go!! I wanted to stop – my brain was telling me I had to stop… who would know – I wasn’t running fast, walking now wouldn’t alter my stats all that much…. But in the end my new found will power won out. I ran past my turn off again – 200m further on and then turned around and ran back again. When I finished I checked MapMyRun – 10.4km!! (either I didn’t read it properly when I had 400m to go, or my brain really wasn’t working by that point I was so tired…). But what a feeling!! I did it!! Took a celebratory photo (to go along with the photos I took along the route – to prove I’d been there… if the GPS tracking on MapMyRun wasn’t enough ;).  SOOOOOOOO Pleased with myself! Here we are heading into week 3 of 12WBT and I’ve reached my 12 week goal!!! Just 14 weeks ago I couldn’t run 1km… and now I’ve done 10km! It took me 1:15 and other than stopping very briefly to get evidence photos (I was running again while they were saving…) I did it all! The last 6km I didn’t stop at all!  So 24 hours in Sydney and I saw the main sights – by pounding the pavement! One very happy individual!


Kicking my coke habit!

21 Feb

Coke Zero that is…Image

So, last round I noted Michelle asking us to consider what we are drinking and try and do away with things that aren’t water and aren’t good for us. I heard what she said but couldn’t bring myself to think it applied to me – sign of addiction number one!

This round, I made giving up Coke Zero one of my goals. I had listed to cut back to one can a day in the first month moving on to no can’s a day in the second (and onwards). I like water, just not all the time so had been drinking Coke Zero as a calorie free treat (as I haven’t been a tea or coffee drinker). When I actually stopped at the end of last round and thought about how much Coke Zero I was drinking I was unpleasantly surprised (I shouldn’t have been – sign of addiction number two??). When I stopped to think that I had a can at lunch and a can at dinner every day, and often another one in between (for morning/afternoon tea) I realised I was drinking over 1 LITRE of Coke Zero a day!!! That’s 7 LITRES a week!! What the??? And I have to admit that sometimes instead of a can I’d have a 600ml bottle… What have I been putting into my body??

I had previously had people comment on the fact that I drink Coke Zero or Diet Coke (and the chemicals in it and that it was poisonous) and that I should think hard about it, but I always thought yeah, but sugar is poison too so if I was drinking real Coke I would be drinking poison as well… but really did that mean that drinking Coke Zero was okay? I told myself so. Sign of addiction number three??

When I stopped to consider this, I decided to draw a line in the sand and say enough was enough. No more. So, I refrained from buying my 30 pack Coke Zero on the shopping order. Sunday lunchtime was the last time I had a coke. I have been “clean” for four days now 😉 . Understandably on Monday and Tuesday I had a SHOCKING headache (sign of addiction number four!!) but that has passed, and I haven’t missed having it. I’ll still have it if I’m going out for dinner as a zero calorie option – but I’m not going to put as much in my body as I have in the past. It’s going to be a treat, not a staple.

What’s it like to be trained by Michelle Bridges?

19 Feb

I’ve had this question a lot since I attended the Group Workout at the Convention Centre here in Brisbane just a couple of weekends ago run by none other that Michelle herself….Image.

My response was – it was fantastic! I was also impressed that I could burn 730 Cal (ie do a great workout!!) without any equipment. All we needed was a little bit of space (a good thing because there were 1400 people there and space was not all that available…) and our own body! Well, that and a great trainer!! She put us through our paces with lots of interval like training. Oh, and yes, she really does look as good in real life as she does on TV 😉

As the rain came down again this morning, and my 10km run plans were again put on hold (Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next…)  I decided to tackle a new challenge – the other Michelle Bridges DVD I had recently bought (a reward to myself for completing 12WBT Round 4, 2012). Project Extreme…


If you want to know what it’s like to be trained by Michelle Bridges then this is it! Too scared to get yourself out to a gym? Don’t have any training equipment? Do you have a TV and a DVD player or even a computer with a DVD player, and some sneakers? That’s all you need! In your own lounge room (or wherever you want to hide out if you are hesitant at the start) you can complete an amazing workout! This DVD is almost EXACTLY like the training session Michelle ran in Brisbane. No equipment needed. Space requirements? Maybe 2m square – you seriously don’t need much room (which is a good thing because if you’ve seen my lounge room there isn’t much space!!). By the end of the warm up I was seriously doubting my choice – I was huffing and puffing and thinking – this is just the warm up?? (Exactly what I was thinking when I attended the live training session!). But I made it to the end… and the stats:


In my lounge room I got my heart rate up to 166 beats per minute – that’s 87% of my maximum heart rate – and I did it in a 2m square space, in my lounge room, without any equipment. My average heart rate was over 75% of max for the duration of the training.

So, if you are really keen to find out what it’s like to be trained by Michelle then go get the DVD (or borrow it from me if you live close) – you’ll soon discover that she knows how to train and get your heart rate moving and muscles working hard! Or, you could just take my word for it…


Oh no!! It’s raining! There goes the exercise plan…

18 Feb


So when I went to bed I was dreaming about attempting a 10km run in the morning. My previous record (set last Monday) was 8km and I decided that I wanted to have a go at beating it! I checked MapMyRun and knew where I needed to get to in order to do a 10km out and back trip. I was on a late start at work so had plenty of time to complete the run (in as much time as it took me). During the night I woke to the sound of rain and even then decided that should it still be raining in the morning I would still go out – after all, I wont melt! Might be nice to run in showers. So even in the middle of the night, my resolve was set! I’m going to do this!

0550 the alarm sounds and as I turn it off I realise that its still raining. Actually, its BUCKETING! Nothing like rain in Brisbane – still amazes me sometimes how much rain can fall in a small amount of time. I checked the bureau of meteorology radar and saw plenty more blue (rain) coming… oh no… what to do….

Crawl back into bed and pretend I never heard the alarm? Not likely! Hoping to postpone the run until tomorrow (when hopefully the rain has eased!), I decided to do a toning and strength day and could think of no better idea than trying out Michelle Bridge’s latest DVD…


One word? OUCH!!!  If you haven’t done this DVD I thoroughly recommend it!! I sourced it from BigW for $25. Talk about feel the burn!! What a great workout! I can tonight feel my core, and not a single crunch or sit-up could be found in this DVD! Almost 500 Calories gone! Oh, and when work called me in early (halfway through my workout) I told them I had to finish my workout before I came in…

So, today the best laid plans failed, but in their place was a new plan – here’s to a great workout despite the rain (better than staying in bed!!), and looking forward to trying my run tomorrow…. But if the rain gets in the way again, I know I have the mental strength to make a new plan – maybe Michelle’s Project Extreme would be tomorrows wet weather plan….

What inspires me?

17 Feb

Challenge one for this round of 12WBT  was to create a board of things that inspires me – pushes me to make myself a better person. I made a pinterest board… So, if you want to know what’s pushing me this round, this is it:

You will see a few goals, but here they are in word form:

GOAL ONE: 5km fun run – International Womens Day Fun Run – March 10th

GOAL TWO: 8km fun run – Mothers Day Classic – May 12th

GOAL THREE: 10km fun run – Bridge to Brisbane – 1st September

GOAL FOUR: To enter a Lorna Jane store, and while I’m at it, buy something! (To this day I walk past the Lorna Jane stores thinking I can’t go in there because I’m not a fit person and its not the kind of store I should be in…) This round I am going to not only enter the store but buy something – off the rack!!

GOAL FIVE: To fit into a size 14 dress. To be able to walk into any store and get a size 14 dress off the rack and to put it on and look fabulous 🙂 (well put it on anyway… LOL). I’m going to start saving now to have a girls shopping trip with some of my awesome family!

Being fit means having energy, being healthy means being the best version of me I can be. I look forward to being able to play with my nieces and nephews, without them wearing me out 🙂

And so it begins…

17 Feb

…or perhaps that should read and so it continues – but now as a blog…

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I’ve started another one. Michelle’s 12WBT challenge of the week is to start a blog to inspire others and record our journey. But before I get into that, perhaps I should start at the beginning…

Just 14 weeks ago a good friend told me she was starting 12WBT. Not having any idea what that was I asked her to please explain. What I found out was Michelle Bridges had an online program to whip people into shape. Given she was taking the plunge and starting after consideration I decided to join her. At 97.2kg I had plenty of weight to lose (and had tried many other programs previously). It had been recommended to me by both specialists and a GP to lose weight. It took about a year to get myself in the head space that I did indeed need to lose weight. While I wasn’t happy with my clothes size I really didn’t feel that my weight was holding me back. I have a physical job, walking about 10km a day and my body was always able to keep up. However, seeing this opportunity, I jumped in with both feet and decided to commit to 12WBT Round 4, 2012.

The results? Too many to name but lets start with a few:

– Lost 11.8kg

– Lost 57cm from all over my body

– Went from not being able to run 100m to running 5km (three times a week!)

– Able to do a full sit up and a pushup (on my toes)

But perhaps the biggest thing for me for now is the energy I have found. I’ve never felt better. I’m loving the fresh, tasty, healthy food. I’m enjoying getting out there and exercising – I love the feeling of doing something good for myself and I feel strong and determined.




The above photo was me after the 12WBT Group Finale workout – 730 Cal in an hour… The second is just an example of the fresh, tasty food on the program.


Well, I decided to undertake 12WBT Round 1, 2013. Not because I felt that I needed any more tools specifically to keep losing weight and staying fit but to keep me accountable. I’m about to go back start what will be my final year of a nursing degree, whilst working full time. Life gets busy. But I want to make sure I keep making time for the important things – and I know that the energy I feel now is so much more than just 3 months ago. If I keep at it, I’ll be better able to use the time I do have and have more energy to get on with life.I’m making a commitment to keep ensuring that exercise is part of my day, working on the theory best summed up below:


In addition, I’ve set my goals for this round and now I know I can run 5km I want to run 10km. I’ve signed up for three fun runs (never thought that would happen), a 5km, 8km and then 10km run. I can’t wait to do my first in a few weeks time – I’ll be sure to blog about that!

So stay tuned – here is where I will try and write about my experiences, how I feel and life as it happens.

And the final word – thanks Kelli – I am so thankful you told me about this program – I feel so much better than I ever thought possible